Transform Your Workbench with the IQ Vise System™: A Must-Have for DIYers, Craftsmen, Hobbyists, Makers, and Trade Professionals

At Work IQ Tools, we’re making every workbench task easier – including the tasks you haven’t even imagined yet. We’re an extra set of hands to help you complete the job easier, faster and smarter. We’re a like-minded craftsman who can help solve a problem. A curious creator with a new technique. A partner to get your bike back on the trail and keep your home in good repair.

 With innovative tools like the IQ Vise™ and its versatile IQ Vise Jaws™ and IQ Connect™ Hands-Free Accessories, we help you save time. Yet when it comes time for talking shop, we have all the time in the world. Whether you’re grinding, planing, tightening, welding, carving, cutting or sharpening, we have you covered.

 Is our design about to disrupt the vise category? You bet. Should that be intimidating? No way. Because we’re right here to show you how to make your workbench more functional; we’re open-minded to new ideas; and we’re passionate about being your go-to workbench partner.

Yes, we’re inventive. But we also know the ingenuity of the IQ Vise System™ is equally matched by your own, making us a perfect fit.

 The IQ Vise™ by itself, with its ability to articulate and rotate, offers new ways to accomplish countless jobs. Coupling the vise with task-specific IQ Vise Jaws™ and IQ Connect™ plug and play accessories, creates a highly capable problem-solving workshop helper, offering you an unprecedented way to work faster, easier, and SMARTER.

Features that set the IQ Vise™ System apart:

 IQ Vise:

Articulating Ball: Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional vises. The articulating ball of the IQ Vise™ offers infinite positioning, ensuring you always have the perfect angle for any project, from intricate wood carvings to robust pipe work. The Quick Cam™ feature allows for easy locking and unlocking at any angle, ensuring you can position your work securely, where you need it.

High-Torque Capability: The IQ Vise is engineered to handle up to 130ft-lbs of torque, making it perfect for challenging projects like pipe work or metal grinding. The 8-Position Locking Ball and Socket provides this high-torque capability, so whether you're sawing, grinding, or working on pipe, the vise will maintain stability and precision.

Task-Specific IQ Vise Jaws™: The IQ Vise comes equipped with Flex-Fit™ IQ Vise Jaws, enhancing its grip on a variety of materials. Additional IQ Vise Jaws are available for everything from woodworking to intricate metal work, expanding the functionality of the IQ Vise and your project capability.

Magnet-Friendly Steel Jaw Plates: These jaw plates provide a firm grip on a variety of materials and work with most the shelf magnetic jaw covers. But with the upgraded gripping capability of the IQ Vise Jaws™, you will have access to an expanded number of applications beyond expectations.

Smart Accessory Integration: The IQ Connect™ system transforms the vise into a multifunctional hub. Light up dark areas, magnify intricate tasks, or keep instructional videos at your fingertips.

The IQ Vise™ is more than a tool; it's a promise of quality and versatility, ensuring that every job is done with precision and ease.

IQ Vise Jaws

IQ Vise Jaws expand the capability of the IQ Vise by providing the optimal grip for your job or project. These highly engineered jaws are purpose-built for a wide variety of tasks and will save you time and rework by having the perfect tool for the job.

IQ Vise Jaws™ – Flex Fit™

Flex-Fit Jaws provide upgraded gripping for specific jobs and are included with the IQ Vise™.  Features include:

  • Versatile, secures materials of all shapes
  • Enhanced gripping with textured rubber and 8 grooves
  • Ideal for cutting, drilling, and maintenance tasks
  • Reliable grip for woodworking and tool maintenance

IQ Vise Jaws™ – Leather

Leather Jaws are crafted for work with fine wood and delicate items.  Features include:

  • Double-sided purpose-built jaws
  • Leather surface provides a damage-free grip on fine wood and delicate items
  • Reverse side features rigid, multi-grooved nylon for gripping multiple shapes and sizes
  • Ideal for woodworking and various projects

IQ Vise Jaws™ -- Pipe-Fit

Pipe-Fit Jaws are engineered for securing PVC, cast-iron, copper, or aluminum pipes and tubular shaped objects.  Features include:

  • Double-sided jaws quickly convert the vise for cast iron or galvanized pipes
  • Reverse for damage-free gripping of tubular shapes with nonmarring rubber
  • Serrated steel insert jaws provide a secure grip, while over molded rubber protects delicate surfaces

IQ Vise Jaws™ – Sure-Fit

Sure-Fit Jaws are designed for securing odd-shaped parts and flat or delicate items. Features include:

  • Double-sided purpose-built jaws
  • Compression-fit foam for damage-free securing
  • Ideal for oddly shaped items requiring extra care
  • Reverse side features rigid, multi-grooved nylon
  • Provides a secure grip on tubular parts and flat objects

IQ Vise Jaws™ -- Woodworking

Woodworking Jaws provide expanded capability for maximum performance on wood.

  • Increased jaw height and width for a secure grip on fine hardwood and molding
  • Denser and stiffer foam optimized for fine molding, reverse side with non-marring rubber
  • Expand IQ Vise System™ capability for woodworking versatility
  • Enhance security and stability for delicate materials

IQ Connect™ Hands-Free Accessories

Use the IQ Connect™ Accessories on the IQ Vise™ or around your workshop with the IQ Connect Mounts.  Get help from an extra hand wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

The IQ Connect Hands-Free Accessory System (With 3 Bench Mounts) is the ultimate workshop helper. It comes with 3 helpful accessories, the Work Light, Cell Phone Holder and 5-Inch Magnifying glass, as well as 3 Bench Mounts for convenient placement around your shop.  Features on each included item are below:

180 Lumen Work Light

  • Rechargeable with 3 selectable settings
  • Ideal for illuminating dark or hard-to-see areas during projects
  • Removeable from holder
  • Magnetic for placement in tight areas

5-Inch Magnifying Glass

  • Designed for magnifying delicate tasks
  • Provides enhanced visibility for intricate work
  • Offers 2 levels of magnification

Cell Phone Holder

  • Enables a hands-free experience for watching or creating how-to videos
  • Conveniently positions your phone for optimal recording or viewing during projects

IQ Connect — Bench Mount 3-Pack

  • Allows strategic placement for maximum efficiency
  • Screw directly to any flat surface like a workbench or stud wall or mount it to your workbench in the flush orientation to maintain a flat working surface

Additional mounting options are available to extend the usefulness of the IQ Connect™ family of accessories and allow you to take them where the help is needed.  Here is a summary of this helpful mounts and their key features:

IQ Connect™ Clamp Mount

  • Offers enhanced mobility for flexible work assistance
  • Features four accessible IQ Connect Accessory Ports for easy top or bottom access
  • Mount handle facing down to save bench space or facing up for clearance under the bench
  • Clamp design provides many mounting options
  • Removable non-marring pads enhance gripping and prevent surface marring

IQ Connect™ Magnetic Mount

  • Equipped with six powerful N52 magnets for a secure hold
  • Securely attaches accessories to tool cabinets, shop tools, car hoods, or any ferrous metal surface
  • Non-marring anti-slip rubber surface prevents slipping on smooth vertical surfaces

In summary, the IQ Vise System™ is a game-changing project partner that will transform your workbench and help you complete jobs easier, faster and smarter. With innovative tools like the IQ Vise™ and its versatile IQ Vise Jaws™ and IQ Connect™ Hands-Free Accessories, you will save time and get more enjoyment from your work.

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