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For more information on our Return policy please go to our Warranty & Return Policy Page.

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IQ Vise Questions

The IQ Vise can be used without the IQ Vise Jaws as the Steel Jaw Plates provide strong gripping of many materials. When using the IQ Vise Jaws it is recommended that the Jaw Locking Pins are also used. These pins prevent the IQ Vise Jaws from slipping off during use.

The only concern we have with mounting the IQ Vise to the universal pedestal stand would be the stand itself. Due to the width of some stands, it may not be able to handle high torque applications. Outside of that concern, it should work fine.

The back single bolt location is 3.05 inches from the front edge.

All of the IQ Vise Jaws – Flex-Fit, Leather, Pipe-Fit, Sure-Fit and Woodworking as well as the IQ Connect Work Light, Magnifying Glass and Cell-Phone Holder are compatible with the IQ Vise.

General Questions

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