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IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™
IQ Vise™

IQ Vise™

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Unleash creativity and potential with this versatile vise system designed to work…SMARTER.

  • Crafted with hardened steel and cast aluminum for durability and lightweight portability, ensuring years of reliable workshop performance
  • The Quick Cam™ allows for easy locking and unlocking of the articulating ball, facilitating quick and precise positioning for the perfect angle
  • The IQ Lok™ locks the ball in 8 different working positions, preventing movement even during projects with higher torque values, up to 130ft-lbs
  • Steel jaw plates on the vise provide a secure grip for various materials and are magnet-friendly
  • Compatible with the system of task-specific IQ Vise Jaws™ and IQ Connect™ hands-free accessories
  • The IQ Vise includes double-sided IQ Vise Jaws — Flex-Fit™, featuring textured rubber for a firm grip on wood and flat objects on one side and rubber grooves and angles on the reverse side for securing pipes and materials of various shapes and sizes

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Multi-Axis Articulating Base with Locking Quick Cam.

Versatility to complete hundreds of jobs faster & easier.

Steel Jaw Plates

Integrated Ports for IQ Connect

Quick Adjust Crank

IQ Lok™ Ball & Socket Lock Pin

Quick Cam Ball & Socket Compression Lever

Articulating Ball & Socket Base

Ultimate workbench partner

Complete hundreds of jobs faster.

Articulates and rotates for the perfect angle

Offers new ways to accomplish countless jobs.

The World's Most Versatile Vise™

The IQ Vise™, the World’s Most Versatile Vise, was designed for the DIYer, Craftsman, Hobbyist, Maker, and Trade Professional to help them do more – easier, faster, and smarter. The IQ Vise is part of a system of products that solves problems, eliminates workarounds, and provides an extra set of hands, thus becoming the ultimate workbench partner capable of transforming your workspace.

With its articulating ball and socket design, the IQ Vise both articulates and rotates, allowing the user to find the perfect position to complete a task. An example of jobs made easier by this revolutionary adjustability include sharpening a mower blade and working on a bicycle. The ball and socket design allows the user to position the blade at the perfect angle for sharpening and enables quick rotation for sharpening the other side without having to remove the blade from the vise. When working on a bicycle, simply lay the vise flat, which allows enough clearance from the workbench to firmly secure the bike frame away from the bench. This same position allows for working on lawncare tools like string trimmers and chainsaws. These tasks are either not possible or very difficult to perform on a standard bench vise.

The Quick Cam™ feature allows for easy locking and unlocking of the articulating ball, facilitating quick and precise positioning for work adjustments and finding the perfect angle for the job. An example of the usefulness of this feature is when sanding a board or any wooden project, it is useful to hold the workpiece firmly, but to also be able to rotate it to allow sanding on all sides. The Quick Cam provides the ability to reposition the work quickly and easily, while also locking it firmly in place in any position.

When working on tough jobs that require a lot of force, the patented IQ Lok™ pin can be inserted in 8 different working positions, preventing movement during projects requiring a high-torque value, up to 130 ft-lbs. The versatility provided by the articulation and rotation of ball and socket, combined with the high-torque capability provided by the IQ Lok design, make the IQ Vise capable of completing hundreds of jobs faster and easier.

The IQ Vise System offers several gripping options to expand its capability to work on countless materials, shapes, and sizes. The vise has steel jaw plates that provide a secure grip on multiple materials and are magnet friendly for use with jaw covers available on the market.

The IQ Vise includes the IQ Vise Jaws™ – Flex-Fit™ which provide upgraded gripping for a wide variety of jobs. One side features non-marring textured rubber which provides a superior grip on wood, metal, and any other flat material or object. The reverse side is also coated in rubber and features 4 vertical grooves, 3 horizonal grooves, and a 160 angle groove for holding multiple shapes and sizes like small parts, copper, PVC, and black iron pipe, threaded rod, bicycle frames, and many, many others.

There are 4 additional IQ Vise Jaws available, and all are double-sided to help find the perfect grip for the job. These capability-expanding IQ Vise Jaws include Leather, Pipe-Fit™, Sure-Fit™, and Woodworking, giving you the ability to work on a wide range of materials and projects.

The IQ Vise is also compatible with the with the IQ Connect™ Hands-Free Accessory System With 3 Bench Mounts, sold separately. The vise has four Integrated Ports that allow for quick connection of these accessories, including a 180 lumen Work Light, 5-inch Magnifying Glass, and a Cell Phone Holder. These accessories provide an extra hand on your workbench and enhance your working conditions.

The IQ Vise and system of IQ Vise Jaws and IQ Connect Hands-Free Accessories will transform your workshop and become a capable and versatile project partner.

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