Work IQ Tools is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based company dedicated to transforming the way DIYers, Craftsmen, Hobbyists, Makers and Trade Professionals build, create, and innovate through a breakthrough, versatile bench vise system. A capable and versatile project partner, the IQ Vise System™ provides an extra set of hands, expanding your capability and eliminating workarounds. The IQ Vise™ by itself, with its ability to articulate and rotate, offers new ways to accomplish countless jobs. Coupling the vise with the task-specific IQ Vise Jaws™ and IQ Connect™ Hands-Free Accessories, creates a highly capable problem-solving workshop helper, offering unprecedented ways to work easier, faster and smarter.

IQ Vise

IQ Vise articulates and rotates to provide the perfect angle for projects and quickly adjusts when a different angle is needed.

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IQ Vise Jaws

Job-specific jaws increase the functionality of the vise by providing the best grip solution for many shapes and material types.

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IQ Connect

IQ Connect plug and play accessories provide hands-free assistance where and when needed, on the vise and around the workshop.

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