Unveiling the Game-Changer in Vise Technology: The IQ Vise Jaws™ – Flex-Fit™

In the dynamic world of tools and technology, the IQ Vise Jaws™ – Flex-Fit™ stand out as a powerful addition to any toolkit, DIY or professional. Included with the IQ Vise™, they are engineered for precision and versatility, and expand capability and performance. Let's delve into the intricate design that sets the Flex-Fit Jaws apart. 

At the heart of the Flex-Fit Jaws’ innovation is their unparalleled versatility. The double-sided design offers a variety of gripping options, making it suitable for a wide range of materials and shapes. One side features a non-marring, textured rubber surface, perfect for securely gripping flat materials like wood or metal without causing any damage. Flip it over, and the 8-groove rubberized surface comes into play, providing an enhanced grip on tubular shapes and small parts, greatly increasing the number of jobs that can be completed. 

The technical ingenuity of the Flex-Fit Jaws lies in their thoughtful construction. These jaws can hold materials up to 3 inches in diameter effectively, thanks to their 4 vertical grooves, 3 horizontal grooves, and a unique 60° angled groove. This design offers optimal performance for a variety of projects, from intricate woodworking to robust metalworking and pipe work. Moreover, the non-slip, rubberized surfaces guarantee a superior grip and stability, enhancing both safety and efficiency in every use. 

The IQ Vise Jaws – Flex-Fit are more than just a tool; they're a testament to the innovation and forward-thinking approach of Work IQ Tools™. They embody the perfect blend of functionality, versatility, and technical sophistication, making them an indispensable component of any workbench. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, the Flex-Fit Jaws are designed to elevate your projects to new heights of precision and excellence and broaden the tasks you can complete on the IQ Vise. 



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